Diffuser with Feliway for Cats

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As your cat contently rubs his face on your furniture, around the corners of a room, along the bottom of your curtains, and even on you, he is marking his surrounding territories with his unique facial pheromones. His pheromones ensure his safety and security by reassuring him that all is well in his world. This cat calming aid with Feliway helps to reduce increased levels of stress and anxiety by mimicking this feline facial pheromone.

The shelter can be a stressful place for animals. We use this product to keep our kitties feeling feeling calm and relaxed--as if they were at home.

Convenient plug-in module gently releases Feliway for up to four weeks. One 48 mL diffuser refill included.

Non-toxic and odorless. Not a drug or tranquilizer. Will not affect humans or other pets.



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